Semester & Year-Long School Programs

The Music Training Program provides schools and community organizations with sustained, year-round music education, allowing teaching artists to interact with students each week. Teaching artists can develop curriculum independently or with existing music programming, providing instruction that ranges from basic to advanced.

 Lifetime Inspiration

Music provides children with the opportunity to develop lifelong skills such as self-discipline, resilience, and dedication. Music training also instills the value of teamwork, coordination and mutual respect and is proven to build self-confidence.

Flexible Programs

Music Training Programs are highly adaptable to any school or community organization. Musicopia’s teaching artists are able to integrate their lessons with existing musical instruction; lessons may also act as stand-alone instruction. All programs are developed to create a personalized, valuable, and fun learning experience for the students.

Affordable and Adaptable

Musicopia’s primary goal is to connect students with music. Musicopia works with schools and community organizations to provide quality and cost effective music instruction opportunities.


Available Programs

Guitar Ensemble

Musicopia Interactive Mixes Ensemble (MIME)

Percussion Ensemble

String Ensemble

Vocal Instruction and Choir Development